Key square in Spain’s Palma de Mallorca getting new look with non-slip surface for pedestrians

PALMA’S Plaza de España is getting a €2.5 million upgrade including the renewal of the underground sewage system which dates back to 1945.

Work started on Thursday with trenches being dug to access service cables and pipes.

Pedestrians will notice a difference underfoot with the square tiles, which easily break and cause people to slip, being replaced by more resistant tiling covering 8,100 square metres.

Palma mayor, Jose Hila, said: “We’ve been waiting for 20 years for this work to start which will take a year to complete.”

“Besides the new pavement, we will fix the fountain and improve the garden areas and urban furniture,” he added.

He also promised that all of the trees in the area would be protected.

After a few weeks of trench digging, the main body of work will get into full gear in March along with inevitable disruption.

Palma council will be meeting with all affected groups like market traders as well as hospitality business owners and residents to inform them about the work schedule.

Work will be carried out in five phases with the last one starting in July.

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