‘Kiss & Go’ car drop-off zones for school children launched in Sant Joan d’Alacant on Spain’s Costa Blanca

A Costa Blanca council has become the first in the region to introduce ‘Kiss & Go’ zones next to schools.

The move has come in Sant Joan d’Alacant in a bid to cut car congestion and improve safety at the start and end of the school day.

A similar scheme is already used in Madrid and in the Melilla enclave.

‘Kiss & Go’ drop-off zones are already operating in Sant Joan.

Cars are allowed to park for up to three minutes on a designated green-coloured road surface outside schools.

Sant Joan d’Alacant’s mobility councillor, Pablo Celdran de Paz, said: “Three minutes is more than enough time to kiss the little one and say goodbye. Traffic flows will be improved.”

“We are pioneers in our region for making these spaces available and everybody needs to use them responsibly, “ added Celdran de Paz.

There’s a grace period until November 15 before fines will be issued for anybody exceeding a three minute stay in the new drop-off areas.

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