Large number of dead fish appear in popular marina area on Spain’s Costa Blanca

A LARGE number of dead fish appeared in Javea’s Canal de la Fontana marina on Wednesday morning close to the city’s Arenal beach.

Some reports suggested ‘thousands’ had died with fish floating both on the water’s surface and on the bottom.

Ecologists in Action Marina Alta and the concessionary company operating the marina reported the sightings to Javea council

The council, helped by a boat from the Cruz Roja, have been clearing up the area throughout the day.

Early suggestions are that the mass deaths were caused by low oxygen in the water as a result of very high temperatures.

Water samples have been taken for Javea council to analyse the cause of the incident but the authority appears to have ruled out polluted discharges as the reason for what happened.

Ecologists in Action pointed out that though investigations are taking place, the near-by Arenal beach had to be closed to bathers a few weeks ago due to fecal contamination.

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