Last orders: Man in Spain’s Valencia rescued by local police after falling asleep in pub and getting locked in

A MAN’S pub night out in the Valencia town of Alboraia ended in the most unexpected way, after he fell asleep in the establishment on Tuesday and was left locked in after the staff closed up. 

The local police were alerted that something was wrong by the cries for help that were coming from the pub in the Port Saplaya area.

According to the local police force’s social media accounts, the authorities were only able to rescue the drowsy drinker by locating the owner of the pub and getting him to return to the scene to unlock the doors. 

The episode was similar to another incident that took place in 2020, when a man called the Civil Guard after falling asleep in the bathrooms of a bar in Leon. 

In the recording of the phone call, which quickly went viral, the man tells the officer that he can’t even remember which bar he is in, although he did at least know that he was in the municipality of La Virgen del Camino.

The recording of the man in Leon calling the Civil Guard. 

When asked if he had managed to get out of the bathroom, the trapped man replied: ‘Yes, of course. I’m actually having a beer now behind the bar.’

The Civil Guard officer recommended that perhaps a coffee would be a better idea.

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