LEGAL EAGLE: Divorce for British citizens living in Spain

DIVORCING in the UK is much simpler for British citizens than applying to  divorce in Spain, for two reasons.

The first and most obvious is the language barrier which exists between British petitioners and the Spanish judiciary.

It is certainly easier to complete the application questionnaires and to carry out the often upsetting, sensitive and difficult process in your own language. 

The second reason is the paperwork required.

To divorce in the UK, you need only produce your original marriage certificate, whereas to divorce in Spain you must have all your relevant UK documents translated into Spanish and then obtain the Apostille of the Hague on each original document.

These steps are labour intensive, time consuming and therefore, far more expensive than a UK divorce. 

The prerequisite for a UK divorce is that one of the parties must have an address in England or Wales and another is that there cannot be any proceedings already started between you in any other jurisdiction.

A UK divorce settlement can be used to cover provisions for custody and ownership of properties inside and outside the UK. 

You can obtain a UK divorce using a trusted, informed and experienced representative in Spain to guide you through the process. This has the added advantage that all the required forms can be signed in Spain without the stress, in these post Covid times, of ever having to get on a plane to travel to appear in a Court of Law in the UK.

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