Lessons in Lingo: Costa de Valencia is the top-rated language school in Spain’s Valencia

IT is September once again, and that means back to school for everyone… including Costa de Valencia Spanish language school in the regional capital.

The beginning of the academic year also marks the start of our long-term extensive courses and, above all, the preparatory courses for the Spanish university access test for foreign students, known as UNEDasiss, PCE or EBAU.

Costa de Valencia school of Spanish has obtained the official accreditation from the Instituto Cervantes, which guarantees compliance with its quality standards for teaching the Spanish language. We are also a registered Examination Centre for DELE Spanish diplomas and the SIELE certificates, so our students can obtain an official title certifying their knowledge of the Spanish language.

Costa De Valencia Escuela De Espanol Academia 22 1
Student of Costa de Valencia school

On our website, www.costadevalencia.com, you will find all the information about Valencia, our school, the courses we offer and the socio-cultural activities we organise. 

Spanish university access

Our preparatory course for the Spanish university access test for foreigners (UNEDasiss, PCE or EBAU) is aimed at helping students pass the entrance exams for Spanish universities by focusing on four subjects, on which students will be assessed for entrance.

Depending on the type of university degree chosen by the applicant, students must select certain specific subjects for the entrance test:

  • Subject 1: Spanish language and text analysis (all applicants)
  • Subject 2: English or French (all applicants) 
  • Subject 3: Mathematics II or Applied mathematics for social sciences (baccalaureate subject)
  • Subject 4: Choice of subject relating to the degree   

For example, if a student wishes to apply for a degree course in medicine, subjects 3 and 4 must be Mathematics II and Biology, respectively.

Costa De Valencia Escuela De Espanol Academia 28
Student of the Costa de Valencia school

Our UNEDasiss course begins on October 4, 2021 and runs until the end of May 2022, timed to coincide with the date of the official exams.

To ensure that students have no problems requesting a visa, the school will provide a certificate. Once here in Valencia, we will help the student with the process to validate their baccalaureate diploma with the Ministry of Education.

For full information on UNEDasiss, visit www.uned.es/universidad/inicio/internacional

Extensive Spanish Courses

We offer long-term extensive courses for au pairs, Erasmus exchange students, residents in Spain and anyone else who wishes to apply, taking place from the beginning of September to the end of June. 

These courses provide students with the opportunity to learn Spanish or improve their knowledge while combining classes with other daily activities (classes, work, childcare, etc.), as lessons take place in twice-weekly sessions from 10.00 am to 11.40 am.

To meet the needs of all our students, we offer four levels according to

the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (A1-A2-B1-B2). The courses are structured in such a way that students progress gradually through these levels, and the price depends on the number of months contracted by the student.

Intensive 20 Course

Our Intensive 20 Course is aimed at students who need to improve their Spanish in a relatively short period of time. 

In this course we work on all the skills (oral and written expression, reading and listening comprehension), giving special importance to communication, which right from the first day is carried out in Spanish.

Costa De Valencia Escuela De Espanol Academia 24
Teacher of Costa de Valencia school

It includes 20 classes per week (1 class = 50 minutes) in very small groups of 4 – 8 students maximum, plus socio-cultural modules.

Face-to-face courses start every week, and at all levels.

At Costa de Valencia, Spanish language school we take your health and safety very seriously. We are pleased to have obtained the SICTED certificate of Advanced Good Practice for the reduction of the risk of contagion of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, and the Certificate ELE Safe School to COVID-19, by FEDELE.

For full information on these and all the other courses and activities on offer at Costa de Valencia, please visit www.costadevalencia.com (available in English, Spanish, French, German and Italian), email info@costadevalencia.com, or telephone (0034) 963 610 367.


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