LISTED: Places face masks are still compulsory in Spain

AS of last Wednesday, February 8, wearing a face mask on public transport in Spain is no longer compulsory.

The Council of Ministers approved the end of mandatory mask wearing on public transport and in other spaces last Tuesday, February 7.

The rule came into force the following day, once published in the BOE (Official State Gazette) and for the first time in 1,010 days, public transport users have been able to show their faces on buses, trains and trams.

Masks are no longer compulsory in opticians’ shops, hearing centres or orthopaedic centres either.

There are, however, still some places where mask wearing is still compulsory, which are the following:

– Pharmacies, both for clients and workers.
– Nursing homes for workers and visitors in communal areas.
– Hospitals and health centres.
– Dental centres and clinics.

The Ministry of Health has not clarified when and if it will finally agree to remove the mask soon in the health sector and recommends voluntarily mask up when in contact with vulnerable people in high-risk situations.


Mandatory mask wearing on public transport in Spain ends this Wednesdayç

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