Live music shows, festivals contribute eye-watering €459 million to Spanish economy

Ticket sales from live music and festivals have contributed to €459 million in 2022 in Spain, with Andalucia a large contributor to the total figure. 

The €459 million is an increase of 191.33% compared to 2021, according to the Association of Music Promoters of Spain (APM).

The total figure also represented an increase of 20.03% compared to pre-pandemic figures in 2019. 

Music festivals such as Primavera Sound in Barcelona attracted 500,700 attendees, while Madrid’s Mad Cool welcomed 310,000 and Arenal Sound in Burriana sold 300,000 tickets. 

Madrid’s live music events turned over €103,557,152 while Catalonia’s performances brought in €97,368,239 – Andalucia rounded out the top three with €75,907,173. 

International tours returned to Spain with Marc Anthony selling 163,124 tickets for his 10 shows, followed by Red Hot Chilli Peppers (98,483) and Colombian band Morat (97,434). 

Tours of national artists including Fito&Fitipaldis sold 329,820 tickets across 27 concerts, while Alejandro Sanz sold 287,948, and Manuel Carrasco sold 260,809.


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