Los Alcazares: Inside Spain’s largest urban-air museum

Los Alcazares is a tiny coast town, but is home to Spain’s largest urban-air museum.

Over the past nine years Los Alcazares has been transforming dull sections of walls and concrete all over the coastal town into beautiful works of art. 

It started as a fun project in 2014 to turn the already-idyllic holiday spot into an even more fascinating place to live and visit, and it’s become a serious business. 

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Los Alcazares murals.

Five local artists first decorated 18 walls nine years ago, with the city council quickly impressed and encouraged even more. 

Today, it’s considered the largest open air museum in Spain with about 160 murals dotted all over Los Alcazares.

In 2016, a festival to celebrate the art was given the name ‘painted village’, and has since turned into a three-day street party with live music and selection of international painters from all over Europe, Africa and America. 

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Los Alcazares murals.

The murals depict anything from wildlife, and human expressions to landscapes, each one in the unique style of the respective artist. 

The movement has inspired neighbouring towns and cities to do the same with Murcia city revealing a giant 400m sq mural of Spain’s new golden boy of tennis, Carlos Alcaraz. 

The 19-year-old is from Murcia and became the world’s youngest men’s number one player in 2022.


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