Luxury tourism grows by 30% in Spain’s Malaga

PREMIUM tourism is on the rise in the Capital of the Costa del Sol, says tourism delegate.

According to Jacobo Florido, Malaga’s Councillor for Tourism, Luxury tourism has grown by 30% in recent months.

The economic impact of premium tourism is hugely beneficial to local commerce as its average expenditure is four times higher than conventional tourism.

And, in recent months, even higher going from a daily expenditure of some €700 euros to €900, as Florido has explained.

To keep the momentum going and continue to attract this premium public Florido highlights areas to work on.

“There are around 1,000 beds in five-star hotels. In order to have quality tourism we need more five-star hotels and to continue improving our gastronomic offers.” Florido said.

The current overnight stay in luxury tourism averages 2.20, up from two days, however Florido believes it can be increased even more and in turn generate jobs and benefits the local economy.

Malaga City offers a wide variety of exclusive services to the luxury tourist, including a great cultural proposal thanks to its museums and exquisite gastronomy with eight restaurants with Michelin Stars.

High-impact tourism contributes between €130,000 and €170,000 million to the European economy, according to a study by Circulo Fortuny.


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