Magaluf madness: Two nightclub bouncers charged with attempted murder of French tourist

TWO bouncers have been arrested on charges of attempted murder over allegedly dishing out a brutal beating to three French tourists outside a Magaluf nightclub.

French gendarme officers serving in Calvia on secondment to help Spanish police manage their compatriots took part in the investigation, which saw the arrest of a Senegalese and a Brazilian. 

The incident unfolded in the early hours of July 11 when a heated argument erupted between one of the staff members and a customer inside the club. 

The bouncer forcibly ejected the customer onto the street and proceeded to punch the Frenchman and knock him unconscious. 

Shockingly, the doorman then kicked the prone man repeatedly in the head, earning him upgraded charges from assault to attempted murder. 

The victim’s friend tried to intervene but he too was knocked out with a crushing blow to the head.

A third friend was also attacked and forcefully removed from the premises by the other bouncer. 

All three victims required medical attention, and the most seriously injured was rushed to Son Espases Hospital due to the severity of his head injuries.

The entire violent altercation was captured on security cameras both inside the club and on the street, providing vital evidence for the authorities.

Following a formal complaint lodged by the victims, both suspects were apprehended and arrested by law enforcement on July 21.

Upon appearing before a judge, the charges of assault were upgraded to attempted homicide, and one of the detained bouncers was ordered to be remanded in custody.


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