Make a splash: Hundreds of private swimming pools across Spain now available to rent by the hour

IF your property in Spain has a private swimming pool you could earn up to €1,200 a month by renting it out to those who aren’t lucky enough to have one of their own.

Rental swimming pool app, Swimmy, has seen the number of users soar during the pandemic, when the closing of pools and tightening of restrictions reduced the joy of visiting public places.

And even when facilities did open again, many people opted for a more secluded offering.

Swimmy is like the Airbnb of swimming pools; owners register their pool on the app and then rent it to guests for hours, days or even for events like birthday parties.

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Some owners even offer to cook for guests, with one happy user saying she enjoyed a ‘divine paella’, made by the host.

“The pool and garden were beautiful. It’s a lovely place to relax and have a pleasant afternoon,” said Carolai C on the app’s website.

“We were there for the whole day and we will definitely be back. Clean, quiet, and the hosts were super helpful,” said another happy customer, Dani M.

The app has over 150,000 users across Spain and France, who can take their pick between some 3,500 pools.

In Madrid, prices tend to range from €12 to €30 per person, for half a day.

While business has been a struggle for many during the pandemic, for the residential pool industry it’s only got better. 

Fluridra, the world’s largest swimming pool equipment maker, posted in May a 40-fold jump in profits and said demand was likely to remain strong.


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