Malaga airport ‘to expand its third terminal’ after record number of people flew into Spain’s Costa del Sol last year

LAST YEAR’S big increase in passenger numbers at Malaga airport has prompted airport operator Aena to commission a study to expand terminal T3.

The Malaga-based firm Aertec, which specialises in aeronautics and aerospace technology, will produce a report outlining various options.

It’s expected that despite awaiting figures for December, last year’s passenger numbers will hit a record high of 21 million travellers- better than the previous best recorded in 2019.

T3 has a capacity to process 9,500 passengers per hour and 30 million passengers per year, but if current increases are maintained, it will reach capacity within a few years.


Aertec is preparing a ‘concept design’, where possible alternatives to expand capacity are analysed, either through the expansion of the current terminal or even building a fourth terminal.

Once the concept is approved, the next stage will see the production of a detailed design, and then culminate in construction work.

The best option would become a project, once it is approved by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation and with consultation with air carriers that use the airport.

Such a decision though is a few years away, as up to 2027, Malaga comes under the the Airport Regulation Document which remains in force for four years, meaning that it will be from 2028 at the earliest that any extensions will be allowed to be built.

Getting approval can take time with plans for the current terminals and second runway appearing in 2004, but eventually seeing the light of day between 2010 and 2012.

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