Malaga has more than halved the amount of forest fires suffered in the past year

THIS year, Malaga has seen less than half the amount of forest fires suffered in 2022, according to new data. 

El Comité Asesor del Plan Infoca, a forest fire management organisation run by the Junta, has reported only 10 forest fires between January 1 and December 15 this year. 

Mijas blaze in November 2023 Photo: Spanish Military Emergency Unit (UME)

It includes 96 incidents in total, 86 of which did not become forest fires. 

This is less than half the amount of forest fires seen in 2022, when 24 blazes were registered in the region. 

Some 199,92 hectares of land were affected this year, just 3% of what was burnt in 2022. 

In 2023, emergency services received 4297 calls reporting forest fires, 60% of which came in the high risk period between May and October. 

Compared to 2022, this is a reduction of almost 1000. 

Junta delegate Patricia Navarro, highlighted that although the risk period ended on October 15, the worst forest fire of the year occurred in November. 

The blaze started on November 12 in Valtocado, Mijas and displaced around 300 people. 

Navarro also highlighted that the rise in population during the summer alongside dense bush, drought and high temperatures made authorities expect the worst. 

Nonetheless she said: “Thanks to responsible citizens and the professionalism of Plan Infoca colleagues, we have registered the lowest amount of forest fires in recent years.” 

Officials are expecting a tough 2024 due to the continuing drought and high temperatures. 

As a result, Plan Infoca is receiving €3 million of investment next year. 

2024 will also see the launch of the €27 million Digital Emergency Network of Andalucia (Red Digital de Emergencias de Andalucia), said to be the best digital emergency network not only in Spain but Europe.


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