Malaga is named as one of the top five food destinations in the world thanks to THESE dishes

MALAGA has been named as the world’s fifth-best gastronomic destination according to the ‘Readers Choice Awards’ from the Conde Nast Traveller magazine.

Skewered sardines, gazpachuelo fish soup, ajoblanco soup, and local wine were highlighted as ‘must consume’ favourites in the area.

The Andalucian city got a high score of 95.48 out of 100, but San Sebastian in northern Spain came top in the survey with 96.67.

Over San Sebastian, Conde Nast said: “It has enormous culinary power, thanks thanks to its exceptional seafood and fish, its brand new Michelin-starred restaurants, its legendary pintxos and its dream cheesecake.”

It was followed by Tel Aviv (Israel), with 96.36 points: Naples (Italy), with a 96.25 rating; and Mexico City with 96.22.

Fifth-placed Malaga edged out foodie favourites Quebec City and Australia’s Melbourne in the standings.

In addition, Malaga has also been voted as the sixth most welcoming destination in the world, according to Conde Nast, with a score of 94.19.

“In recent years, the historic city of Malaga has become a magnet for young Spanish creatives thanks to its affordable rents, authentic cuisine and safe sunshine,” the magazine noted.

The most welcoming cities in the world are Calgary, Edmonton and Victoria, in Canada; Dublin in Ireland; and then a return to Canada for Quebec City.

Behind Malaga are Izmir, in Turkey; Rio de Janeiro in Brazil; Cartagena in Colombia; and Mexico City.


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