Malaga records highest temperature in all of Spain

SPAIN has a new ‘sartén’ (Frying Pan), and it has nothing to do with gastronomic delights.

According to data collected by Spain’s state weather agency (AEMET), the Malaga town of Álora registered the highest temperature in all of Spain, yesterday, Wednesday July 19, with a scalding 44.1ºC recorded at 5:30pm.

Meanwhile, Coin, another inland Malaga town, registered blistering highs of 43.9ºC. This is the second time in less than seven days that the thermometers in this town have reached or hovered near 44ºC, making it the ‘frying pan’ of Malaga.

At the same time, Malaga airport and the capital of the Costa del Sol recorded the third and sixth highest temperatures in the country yesterday.

Malaga airport registered 42.8ºC, while highs of 42.7ºC were registered in Malaga City.

This is the sixth time since 1942 that the airport station has exceeded 42ºC degrees and the second time this has happened in the last week.

Experts predict that temperatures will not drop any time soon in Malaga, in fact the forecast is that the extreme temperatures will continue to sizzle the province for at least another two weeks.


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