Malaga sets another grim weather record with 2023 officially being the driest year ever – with four days left

WITH four more days to go of the rainy season, Malaga has already recorded its driest year since records began in the 19th century.

The rain gauge at Malaga airport recorded a paltry 179.3 litres per square metre, an unprecedented low since 1872, when the earliest recordings started.

These findings eclipse previous records held since the official data collection by Aemet at the city’s airport began in 1942. 

The year 2023 has not only been the driest in recorded history but also the first to fall below the 200 litres per square metre mark. 

The previous low record was set in 2019 with 204.6 litres, followed by 1985 with 266.4 litres. 

However, it wasn’t so long ago that we witnessed the wettest year in history, with 2010 registering a staggering 1240 litres per square metre.

The weather forecast for Malaga over the remaining days of 2023 is dry with temperatures of around 18 degrees.

Meanwhile, 2023 is expected to be announced as the hottest year in Malaga’s history, compounding the climactic issues the province is facing.

This significant drop in rainfall in Malaga, coupled with the higher temperatures has raised concerns about the potential impact on the region’s agriculture, tourism, water reserves and overall ecosystem.


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