Malaga voted as one of the most family-friendly cities in Spain

MALAGA, which has always stood out as a favourite destination for foreign tourists due to the multitude of opportunities and its cultural and leisure offer, as well as its exceptional climate, can now boast to being one of Spain’s top family-friendly destinations.

According to the leading international tourism company ‘Bounce’, who periodically produce family-friendly travel guides, Malaga is listed in the top five most family-friendly cities in Spain.

The guide has taken into account the amount of parks and green spaces the cities have, as well as attractions and leisure areas for both young and old.

Other factors assessed were the average room rate of hotels, tourism security, the number of restaurants with children’s menus and the climate including average rainfall.

Malaga scored high on many of the parameters and has been ranked 4th in Spain, behind Alicante, Benidorm and Valencia.

According to the publication, the most family-friendly cities in Spain are the following:
1. Alicante
2. Benidorm
3. Valencia
4. Malaga
5. Granada
6. Palma de Mallorca
7. Madrid
8. Barcelona
9. Santiago de Compostela
10. Toledo


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