Man, 86, holds girlfriend captive and rapes her over two days in Murcia area of Spain

AN 86-year-old Murcia region man has been arrested for kidnapping and raping his partner.

The Caravaca de la Cruz resident kept her tied to a bed for two days.

That was to stop her fleeing his house after hearing that their three month relationship was over.

The Guardia Civil named the man as Jose, who was jailed after his first court appearance.

The abuse started last Saturday(September 4) when the woman called time on their relationship and decided to move out of his home.

She told the Guardia that she decided to leave after Jose’s behaviour changed dramatically after being prescribed medication for a chronic condition.

He went into rages and after telling him last Saturday that she was going, she decided to take an afternoon nap.

She woke up and found her wrists tied to the bed.

Jose refused to release her and insisted their relationship was not finished.

He sexually abused her for two days, and she refused to have any food and drink in case it was poisoned.

Around 6.00 am on Monday, Jose went out to buy some bread and the victim managed to get hold of a small knife to free herself and escape.

She caught a bus to a nearby town where she had a rental flat.

She then started to get threatening phone calls from Jose.

He accused her of running away because she had emptied out his bank account and added he would report her if she did not return.

It was the victim though who did the reporting by going to the Guardia Civil.

A medical examination confirmed sexual injuries and Jose was arrested.

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