Man gets 17 years after fatally stabbing disabled stepfather 21 times on Spain’s Costa Blanca

A drug-user from Iceland was handed 17 years in prison for fatally stabbing his mother’s partner in Torrevieja.

The frenzied attack on his fellow countryman, in January 2020, resulted in 21 stab wounds to the 65 year-old.

In a disturbing hearing, the jury was told that the killer “unnecessarily and consciously increased the suffering” of his victim by repeatedly stabbing him and leaving him alive and bleeding.

Additionally, the 41 year old must compensate the victim’s two children with €40,000 each and also give €20,000 to his sister.

It was revealed that the defendant had “markedly impaired cognitive and volitional abilities due to habitual polydrug and benzodiazepine use.”

Calle Cruz Del Sur
MURDER SCENE: Calle Cruz del Sur, Torrevieja
IMAGE: Google Maps

The accused had gone to the home of his mother and her partner while they slept, and entered after climbing a wall, with two long-bladed knives on his person.

After hearing a noise and going out into the property’s courtyard, the man met his killer and suffered a grisly prolonged attack.

The man then threatened his mother with one of the knives, with her suffering injuries herself – although she wouldn’t report them, or the attack on her partner.

Despite fleeing on foot when Gaurdia Civil arrived, he was later caught nearby.

The jury were satisfied that the killer took advantage of the fact that the victim had no warning of the attack, and also had mobility problems which were known to the aggressor.

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