Man is fined €100 for shouting ‘viva España’ and ‘Sanchez is a traitor’ during anti-government protest in Spain’s Mallorca

A MALLORCA protestor who shouted slogans against Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, has been fined €100 for his outburst.

Jesus Revuelta believes the penalty is a mistake after a document claimed he organised a protest in Palma outside the headquarters of the PSOE Socialist.

“I was fined €100 for shouting ‘Long Live Spain, traitor Sanchez’ in a protest called by the Revuelta association, not myself- Jesus Revuelta,” he said.

Revuelta was among 500 people gathered on Calle Sindicat in Palma on November 6 outside the PSOE HQ to protest about Pedro Sanchez’s amnesty deal with Catalan parties to ensure he remained in power.

The Policia Nacional said no incidents took place with no banners being displayed and participants following their instructions.

The fine notice issued by the Government Delegation states: “During the rally, which was not previously communicated to the government authority, Jesus Revuelta was identified, among others, as he was considered an organiser or promoter, as he uttered slogans such as ‘Sanchez traitor and Viva España’ through a megaphone.”

‘Disciplinary proceedings’ have been launched by the Government Delegation against Revuelta’s utterances with the €100 penalty- reduced by 50% if its paid early but with time as well to lodge an appeal.

As soon as he learned of the sanction, Revuelta went to the headquarters of the Government Delegation armed with press clippings stating that the protest organiser was the Revuelta Foundation.

“The next day I’ll say Walt Disney is a traitor and they’ll put me in jail. This lack of seriousness is not normal,” Revuelta said.

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