Man is killed when car overturns amid 100km/hr winds in Spain’s Andalucia: Six others are injured after emergency services received 2,000 incident reports

SEVERE storms killed two people in Cordoba and Huelva provinces amidst around two thousand reported incidents in Andalusia- 500 of which were logged since 10.00pm on Sunday, according to the 112 Emergency service.

A middle-aged man died in Trugueros at around 9.20pm when his car overturned, while a man was found dead on Sunday night on a Cordoba street after he was struck by a piece of metal that the winds had loosened from a building.

In addition, there were six people injured on Sunday- one in Moguer (Huelva), who was taken by ambulance to the Juan Ramon Jimenez Hospital after being injured when a tree fell on the road to La Canorra.

Three people were injured in Granada when a tree collapsed on the Cuesta Gomerez; a woman suffered a leg injury after a sign fell on her at the Blas Infante roundabout in Jaen; and a man escaped with a just a minor injury after the wall of a house fell on him at Fernan Nuñez (Cordoba).

In the Granada incident, a 16-year-old Polish girl needed emergency surgery after she struck by a tree branch during a visit to the Alhambra Forest.

She suffered injuries to her spine and hip, and is being treated at Granada’s Neurotraumatology Hospital.

Most of the calls attended by emergency services since Sunday night have been related to falling trees and other elements of urban furniture and wall detachments.

As of noon on Monday, trains connecting Sevilla and Cadiz as well as Sevilla and Malaga had been restored.

Rail traffic on the Sevilla-Huelva line continues to be interrupted on the La Palma del Condado-Huelva section, affecting the Sevilla-Huelva and Alvia Madrid-Huelva Media Distancia trains.


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