Man shot dead by bullets to the head and stomach in Spain’s Andalucia believed to be related to drug trafficking

POLICE believe the death of a 30-year-old man shot in the head and stomach in Spain’s Andalucia, not far from the Costa del Sol, is related to drug trafficking.

Guardia Civil agents have not yet revealed the victim’s identity but have confirmed that the evidence points to a drugs-related killing.

Neighbours first raised the alarm at 9.45am on Tuesday when they heard shots being fired in the neighbourhood of La Paz in San Roque of Cadiz province.

An ambulance driver sent to Calle La Ermita found the man’s dead body scarred by violence inside a two floor home.

Guardia Civil Car

The Guardia Civil then started their investigation after health workers confirmed the death was caused by the two shots.

It took over from the Local Police and started to prevent access to the dwelling so that it could carry on its investigation.

Although the police have not yet arrested any suspects, sources close to the investigation have confirmed that a group of individuals had entered the home to carry out the assassination.

The death follows a raid on a 24 hour drugs distribution point in the Taraguilla neighbourhood of San Roque just days ago.

Police found doses of both hashish and cocaine at the home on December 29.


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