Managers claim a third more staff are already in place as they plead for calm at blighted hospital on Spain’s Costa Blanca

TORREVIEJA Hospital has sent out a message of ‘calm’ amidst chaotic scenes following a change in management.

The newly-appointed administration claims that extra new specialists and care staff have already been in situ since October 15, when the private management of the facility was relinquished.

They claim, “The Emergency Service of the University Hospital of Torrevieja has four new medical specialists since last October 15 [and] has increased the number of healthcare consultations, with specialists in orthopedic surgery, traumatology, cardiology, paediatrics and ophthalmology.

However, the new Head of Emergencies at Torrevieja, Santiago Diéguez, is still looking for more staff.

He said, “We are working on attracting new physicians who wish to join this project.”

Claiming, “We are going to work in a coordinated manner to regain confidence and motivate the team in the face of the changes that are taking place, 

Sources revealed a “deficient nursing service” was found in October, with only 21 nurses and a large number of uncovered absences due to leave. 

Since then, staff numbers have risen notably, according to diariodelavega, with nurses increasing from 36 to 49 nurses and care auxiliaries from 22 to 30.

Another manager within the hospital, Pilar Santo, said on Friday December 3 that: “the safety of patients and professionals has in no case been compromised as a result of this temporary circumstance that will be resolved in the shortest possible time.”

The Olive Press reported on December 2, that the situation at the hospital got so bad that the sole doctor on duty called the Guardia Civil to tell them he could not cope.

Prior to October’s change of management at the hospital, we had also reported on a number of cases where care and aftercare at the facility was considered lacking.

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