Manhunt for British and Irish ‘gangsters’ who ‘shot up restaurant in Marbella after arguing with staff the night before’: Pair abscond after being released on bail

A MANHUNT is underway for a Brit and an Irishman accused of shooting up a restaurant in Marbella after they were released from prison. 

Alleged gangsters Darren H and Gerrard S are said to have fired 15 shots at an eatery in Puerto Banus on March 11. 

The pair were arrested on March 25 following an intensive investigation by Policia Nacional, and were sent to prison ahead of trial two days later, reports Diario Sur

However, incredibly, after an appeal was filed by their lawyers, they were released on bail and asked to appear before the court on the first and 15th of each month. 

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The lawyers argued that they had not been allowed access to ‘the essential elements of the proceedings’, and were therefore unable to effectively challenge their clients’ imprisonment. 

Gerrard was released on April 22 and Darren a day later. 

Unsurprisingly, both men failed to show up to the court on May 1, sparking immediate arrest warrants. 

It comes after one of the most feared mafia bosses from the Netherlands, Karim Bouyakhrican, managed to escape Malaga authorities on April 1 after also being released on bail. 

Gerrard and Darren are accused of pulling up on a Honda motorcycle to La Sala at around 12pm on March 11. 

Sources told Diario Sur one of the suspects had had an argument with an employee the night before and threatened them. 

Police tracked the pair down after identifying the British number plate on the motorcycle. 

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