Manu Chao is coming to the Costa del Sol: ‘Me Gustas Tu’ singer will perform in Fuengirola this summer

MANU Chao, 62, will perform a rare concert in Fuengirola’s open air theatre on July 25.

Manu Chao has chosen Fuengirola for one of his sporadic concerts. Photo: Cordon Press

The ‘Me Gustas Tu’ singer will make a rare appearance to sing in both his native French and Spanish. 

Chao began his career as a busker in Paris, before joining bands like Hot Pants and Los Carayos. 

In 1987, he found success with his band Mano Negra. 

Their happy, energetic and rhythmic music made hits across the globe. 

After the band split in 1998, Chao found fame alone with chart toppers ‘Bongo Bong’ and ‘Clandestino’ which has been covered by Lily Allen and Robbie Williams. 

Now, Chao is coming to Spain and you can get tickets for just €25.


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