Marbella mayor calls for national and local police to work together more following surge in gangland shootings

MARBELLA’S mayor, Angeles Muñoz, wants more information sharing between the Policia Nacional and the city’s Policia Local to counter a wave of increased shooting in the area.

Muñoz will formalise the request to the Government Delegate for Andalucia, Pedro Fernandez Peñalver at this month’s Local Security Board meeting.

Her demand follows the latest incident in Guadalmina on Saturday where a a 34-year-old man was injured by several bullets in the sixth assault of its kind since March.


Last week, the Policia Nacional activated ‘Plan Marbella’ to combat organised crime and reduce shootings, including the deployment of extra officers until October.

Now, Marbella City Council has asked the Government Subdelegation to hold a Local Security Meeting, which is expected to be held ‘next week’ or ‘before the end of this month’.

“I understand that on the part of the sub-delegation itself, and in this case on the part of the Policia Nacional, Marbella has to be a priority and I hope that in that meeting issues that are not just short term will be addressed,” said Angeles Muñoz,

She said that she will ‘request again’ the opportunity to share information that only the Policia Nacional has, adding that the City Council has always made all of our officers available to the Subdelegation’.

Muñoz says she’s convinced the board will address ‘such an important issue not only for the city’s image, but also for security itself’.

“There is no doubt that what has been going on has to be stopped and I hope that with the efficiency of the police, we can solve such matters as soon as possible,” stressed Muñoz.

Asked if the shootings could affect Marbella’s image, Muñoz pointed out that ‘unfortunately, events that have to be investigated by the Policia Nacional do happen, and not just here but in many towns in our country’.

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