Master Spanish Verbs – Learn how to conjugate and use all the verb tenses

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Do you have problems with Spanish verb tenses? Do you know how to conjugate them and when to use each one? Verbs are probably the biggest problems for   English speakers learning Spanish. There are many more verb tenses in Spanish than in English, 14 in use nowadays, and all of them have regular and irregular verbs. In addition, in each verb tense there are six different forms, one for each person.

For these reason, the online academy Tu escuela de español, creator of the successful YouTube channel, published a book with which anyone can learn how and when to use all the Spanish verb tenses, ‘Domina los verbos en español’ (Master Spanish Verbs).

This book has 176 pages divided into 20 lessons. In them, you will learn how to conjugate and use correctly each of the 14 verb tenses that we currently use in Spanish in the indicative, imperative and subjunctive modes, and how to distinguish one from the other. You will also learn how to use non-personal forms of the verb (infinitive, gerund and participle) and verbal periphrases.

All the lessons have several exercises to help you practise and the solutions are at the end of the book so that everyone can advance at their own pace.

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Domina los verbos en español’ (Master Spanish Verbs) is available in 3 versions: paper, printable PDF and non-printable PDF. And now you can buy any of them with a 10% discount using this coupon: OVLI10S21

Tu escuela de español has another book, ‘Por fin entiendo el español’ (Finally, I understand Spanish), also written by its founder, Elena Prieto, and dedicated to improving text and audio comprehension in Spanish.

This book has 40 lessons: 8 at basic level, 18 at intermediate level and 14 at advanced level. In each lesson, there is an article, most of them about current affairs in Spain, accompanied by audio and various exercises to work on different aspects of the Spanish language.

Finally, you can also improve your Spanish with the 5 online courses of Tu escuela de español on grammar, verbs, vocabulary, spelling and comprehension. Our Premium Zone has more than 200 lessons with 150 videos, 90 audios, dozens of PDFs and more than 600 exercises.

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