Mayor of Marbella’s husband Lars Broberg dies

LARS Broberg, the husband of Marbella mayor Angeles Muñoz has died at the age of 80.

The Swedish businessman, who had been ill for some time, passed away in the Costa del Sol hospital on Saturday (March 4).

He had been accused of belonging to a criminal organisation and laundering the proceeds from drug trafficking by Spain’s High Court, but the case had been put on hold due to his “serious physical and mental deterioration.”

Munoz Y Broberg And Son
Lars Broberg with Angeles Muñoz and (inset) Joakim

Broberg and his son, Joakim, were among 71 people who were arrested in a massive police operation, which spanned both Spain and Sweden. The investigation, which was dubbed Operación Mueble (Operation Furniture), began in 2018 when Swedish authorities called on the Policia Nacional in Spain to investigate a group of drug traffickers on the Costa del Sol. 

The bust saw the authorities break up the alleged gang, which was exporting large quantities of marijuana and hashish from Andalucía to Sweden and other European countries. 

Broberg senior was arrested in February 2021 and released with no conditions. In July, Joakim was detained in Brazil.  

Lars was accused of money laundering through his real estate company.

When Broberg and his son were first arrested, Marbella Mayor Ángeles Muñoz of the conservative Popular Party claimed that her husband and stepson’s innocence would be proven once the court probe was unsealed. She also claimed that the police operation was an attempt to sully the image of Marbella.


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