Meet the two friends behind the first gluten-free bakery in Ronda

THE idea had been slowly warming up for years.

But when it came, it was a masterstroke for Ronda: the first gluten-free baker!

Piquito Bakery, set up by friends Javier Criado and Juan Antonio Rosado, is the perfect place to buy bread, pastries and biscuits for celiacs.

Ronda Bakery 1
Piquito Bakery

Only emerging on the Ronda food scene this spring, the artesanal bakery is already delivering bread and cakes all around the Serrania… and even as far as the coast.

Splitting the workload between them, they are managing to bake dozens of different loaves of bread a day, as well as cakes, cupcakes and even mille feuille puff pastry.

Javier had been looking for a new business to set up when his previous venture with language and cultural school Entrelenguas came to an end due to the pandemic.

It was after Juan Antonio told him that his partner was celiac and they spent hours trying to create the best gluten-free bread that they came up with the idea.

“It seemed like a real growth area and both of us knew various people who were celiacs and so many restaurants need gluten-free products these days,” explains Javier.

After locating a small premises in one of the least known corners of Ronda, they have now created Piquito Bakery, which is named after Juan Antonio’s cat Piquito.

“We have been really busy over the first six months,” explains Javier. “And we are not standing still and continually trying to innovate and come up with ideas for the consumer.”

Ronda Bakery 2
Piquito Bakery

The recent ideas include some amazing chocolate chip cookies, great Magdalenas, as well as present packs of bonbons, in loads of different colours and flavours.

“Our half-kilo loaf is the recipe we have worked on the most, with sourdough, olive oil and long-term preparation. Once made, it has to be rested for three hours and is of a very high quality,” explains Juan Antonio.

“We even have rice bread, which is made with rice milk, as well as a loaf of carob, walnuts and raisins, which is wonderful.”

Get in touch and ask for the easy to use menu, which includes a range of mother dough loaves and various white loaves.

Visit the bakery in Plaza Virgen de la Esperanza, in Barrio de San Cristobal or call 670495314 or email


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