Megayacht marina in Spain’s Malaga celebrates first year of activity

LAST Saturday July 15 marked one year since the Malaga megayacht marina began operating.

The swish new IGY Málaga Marina in Malaga, with a 33-berth capacity, can welcome superyachts up to 180-metres in length and offers a range of services and amenities.

Maintaining the aim of combining short stays in transit and long stays during the autumn and winter months, these facilities, in their first year of activity, have witnessed the presence of a significant number of yachts, including four private pleasure boats over 100 metres in length; as well as the Götheborg, a replica of a three-masted sailing ship from the 18th century; the Plastic Odyssey laboratory ship that recycles plastic waste and the maxi trimaran IDEC Sport, which holds several world speed records.

This new marina is placing Malaga on the world stage for superyacht tourism; a city that is reportedly both ‘exceptional’ and ‘irresistible’ for superyacht owners.

During the construction of the Marina it was forecast that the marina would generate €104m annually and create 800 new jobs.


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