Michael Jordan visits Spain: US basketball legend, 61, is spotted touring Mallorca after docking his €850 million yacht

MICHAEL Jordan, one of the most celebrated basketball players of all time, has been spotted holidaying on the Balearic Islands. 

On Tuesday, the  61-year-old was seen having lunch with his family in Portixol before returning to his yacht. 

The Jordans, including Michael’s second wife, model Yvette Prieto, and their twin daughters Victoria and Isabel, are currently touring the islands. 

They also enjoyed a private go karting session at Ibiza Karting and a magic show on their yacht by Mallorca based German magician- Sean Christopher. 

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Jordan and Prieto were spotted a few days ago jetting off on a speed boat for some private time. 

He wore a white bucket hat and tshirt with light green and white swimming trunks while smoking one of his signature cigars. 

A six-time NBA champion, Jordan was last spotted in Mallorca in 2017 at a Magalluf beach club.

The double Olympic gold medallist retired in 2003 following a 20-year career. 

His career began in North Carolina where he began playing for his college in 1981. 

Just three years later he signed an agreement with Nike to create what has become the brand’s most iconic shoe, the Air Jordan trainers.

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