MID-AIR SCARE: Bird strike forces plane to return to Spain’s Malaga airport after takeoff

A VUELING flight had to make an emergency landing after a bird struck the plane shortly after takeoff. 

The mid-air scare occurred last Saturday, June 24, on flight VY3068 en route from Malaga to Gran Canaria.

According to a statement from air traffic controllers, the flight crew was alerted that a bird had hit the aircraft during take-off from Malaga airport and that ‘checks’ needed to be carried out.

The aircraft crew members were instructed to proceed to standby southeast of the airport until the runway could be cleared for a safe landing.

“Crew of flight departing from #Málaga to #GranCanaria indicate that they suffered an impact with a bird during take-off and that they need to carry out checks. We instruct them to proceed to standby southeast of the airport. Finally they decide to return to the airport. Priority, several flights are put on standby until runway clearance. Plane lands safely with the runway clear. We continue with normal operations on a Saturday where we expect a lot of traffic in Malaga. #SafetyFirst #TeamWorking”

After landing safely, the aircraft underwent the corresponding checks, which confirmed that no major damage had taken place and the flight was given the green light to resume its journey to Gran Canaria.


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