Mind your mouth! Spain found to be fifth most sweary language in the world

SPAIN is officially a nation of potty mouths, with Spaniards using over 2million swear words online each year, according to new research.

From furious four-letter tirades to foul-mouthed phrases, obscenities have become more commonplace than ever.

Rather than watching their language, Spaniards have been swearing like sailors online in the last year. Over 2 million swear words were used online by the Spanish, behind neighbouring France, which came in first place.

According to research from Preply, Spain is the fifth sweariest country in the world, while the USA came in at number seven, Italy was ranked eighth. Canada and the UK rounded out the top ten, in ninth and tenth place, respectively.

Spaniards are turning the air (and the internet) blue with a whopping 250 different expletives to choose from. 

Looking at the total number of commonly used explicit words in each language, researchers calculated that Spain had 251 different explicit words and 480 million native speakers.


Dicks, balls, c*nts… Spain’s Andalucia has some great swearwords 

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