‘Miracle’ tot survives fall from fourth floor window in Spain’s Mallorca

A TWO-YEAR-OLD boy has walked away with mere scratches after plummeting to the ground from a four-storey window when his fall was broken by a washing line. 

In the fall, the boy called Santino, first hit a metal bar of a clothesline on the second floor before falling on plastic netting attached to a washing line on the courtyard below. 

He walked away with several scratches and was taken for a thorough check at Son Espases hospital after being found by a neighbour’s grandson, where he was given the all clear.

“It was a miracle,” said his mother, Débora from their home in Palma.

“Santino was in his room watching a cartoon. He moved the bedside table, climbed on it and fell out the window,” his mother explained. “My son has superhuman strength, it took fifteen people to hold him to give him medicine at Son Espases hospital.”

She said her son didn’t understand what he was doing on the ground and if it had happened from another window of the apartment it would have been a different story. 

Neighbour, Carmen Marín also described it as ‘a miracle’. 

Her grandson found the toddler after his fall and picked him up off the ground and hugged him until he was taken to hospital, explained Carmen, who heard a cry and came out barefoot in her nightgown to discover Santino in her grandson’s arms. 


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