Move over oats: This ancient Egyptian ‘super cereal’ is the best at reducing cholesterol, say global health experts

GLOBAL health experts have revealed THIS ancient Egyptian ‘super cereal’ is the best at reducing cholesterol. 

Cereals have been the cornerstone of the human diet for thousands of years, contributing to 40% of Spaniards daily fibre intake. 

In Europe, oats are the most popular cereal thanks to their high volume of vitamins, proteins and fibre. 

As well as being a great source of energy, they can help protect your heart and reduce cholesterol. 

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Oats are great but a strong competitor has come on the scene.
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However, oats may have strong competition in the form of a little-known grain with roots in Ancient Egypt. 

Recommended by the World Health Organisation for its numerous health benefits is kamut. 

WHO highlights the grain as it has not been ‘genetically manipulated’ and is considered ‘very pure’. 

It is also high in fibre and potassium, making it very easy to ingest. 

The high fibre content also helps to keep tissues strong and transport oxygen throughout the body. 

With 14g of protein per 100g, it will also keep you fuller for longer. 

Much like oats, kamut also helps to lower blood sugar and control cholesterol. 

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So, it makes the perfect addition to any diet if you have hypertension or diabetes. 

The only downside? It has very high levels of gluten, so it isn’t recommended for celiacs. 

Kamut is often used to make pasta, couscous, salads, casserole and bread. 

It has a subtle sweet, creamy taste, almost like butter. 

The grain is also a great source of many vitamins and minerals such as selenium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin E, omega 6 and vitamin B. 

This supports the body’s immune system, improves energy and helps to prevent skin ageing. 

High levels of vitamin B are particularly great for improving skin, nail and hair health as well as supporting DNA formulation. 

Magnesium and selenium control free radicals in the body, preventing cell and genetic damage. 

Lastly, kamut’s high zinc levels promote white blood cell production, improving immune responses.

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