Move to Spain while you can! British citizens are told they should be ready to serve in the military in the event of an all-out war against Vladimir Putin’s Russia

THE British public should be prepared to serve in the military if there is a future war with Russia, a top Army chief warned today.

If ever you needed more motivation to make the move to Spain, General Patrick Sanders has called on UK authorities to “mobilise the nation” to fight against dictator Vladimir Putin.

Sanders, the head of the British Army, made the comments during a speech at the International Armoured Vehicles exhibition in London on Wednesday.

He insisted that he does not support conscription but called for a “shift” in the psyche of the British public, saying citizens need to be mentally ready for a military conflict against the warmongering superpower in the east.

Der Grosse Auftritt: Präsident Putin Bei Der Siegesparade Zum Ende Des 2. Weltkrieges Auf Dem Roten Platz In Moskau
Vladimir Putin currently has the upperhand in Ukraine, some experts have warned

It comes as EU leaders this week said a direct conflict with Russia could be a stark reality in as little as five years.

Russia currently has the upperhand in Ukraine, which it illegally invaded almost two years ago.

It has since upped its sabre rattling against other European nations, including NATO members in the Baltics.

Germany’s Defense Minister Boris Pistorius believes a Russian attack on a NATO country could be a possibility in “five to eight years.”

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