Much-needed rain to remain in Spain’s Malaga until next week—after dumping almost 100 litres on first day

MALAGA has experienced a radical change in the weather in a matter of a few hours and has finally broken the dry trend that had lasted (with few exceptions) for 80 days.

The clouds remain stationary in the mountainous foothills of the capital where the rain gauge of the Junta’s Hidrosur Network in Santon Pitar, in Los Montes de Malaga, collected almost 100 litres per square metre yesterday (95 to be precise).

This figure is equivalent to almost a fifth of the annual average rainfall in the Malaga capital over the course of a year, which sits at around 524mm spread over 43 days of rain each year.

It is expected that this much-needed rain will continue into the start of next week.


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