Mum arrested after toddler eats cannabis-laced Cheetos in Spain’s Costa Blanca

AN Alicante mother has been arrested after her 17-month-old son ate cannabis-laced corn snacks that imitated the Cheetos brand.

The boy suffered from vomiting and lost consciousness after consuming tetrahydrocannabinol(THC) which is the main psychoactive component of cannabis.

The drug was in a bag marked THCheetos which are banned in Spain and was almost certainly bought online.

The youngster spent two days at Alicante General Hospital where doctors discovered he had ingested THC:

Medics enacted the protocol in such cases and informed the Policia Nacional.

The boy’s mother told police that she bought the cannabis snacks in a shop by mistake, believing they were normal Cheetos.

Officers checked out the business and spoke to the owner, as well as inspecting all the food products.

No such product was on sale and they reviewed security footage which showed the woman never even entered the store.

Once it was proved that she had lied, the mother was arrested.

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