Murcia tourism goes ‘blue’ as region in southeastern Spain promotes diving spots  

MURCIA has gone down a new route in its tourism industry, promoting ´blue tourism´.

Many local authorities and tourist boards are talking about the need for more sustainable green tourism, but the Costa Blanca region of Murcia is going blue. 

The term comes from the region’s amazing diving and scuba spots it wants to promote. 

Murcia’s tourist board is this year launching ´Ruta Sub´, a new scheme to encourage more tourists to come and take advantage of its diving areas.

Ruta Sub is a challenge which in order to complete, participants must gain a recreational diving certificate and complete a minimum of nine dives by the end of the year.

But it’s not that easy – three of the dives must be undertaken in Cabo de Palos and Islas Hormigas marine reserves, a further three in La Ahozia and Cabo Tiñoso, as well as one in each of the La Manga towns of Isla Grosa, Mazarron and Aguilas. 

Those who polish off the challenge will be rewarded with entry into a prize draw. 

The dives will be priced at €33 each including the boat, dive guide and equipment like the air bottle for participants who can show their dive card to the official dive centres. 


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