Must-visit: The patio festival in Cordoba this weekend will see hundreds battle to have their floral display declared the most beautiful

CORDOBA’s patios will be even more beautiful than normal this year as hundreds battle it out to have their declared the prettiest in the city. 

Over a hundred year tradition, Cordoba’s patio festival began in 1921 to celebrate the beginning of spring. 

At the beginning of May each year, the locals decorate their houses with flowers, filling as many colourful flower pots as possible. 

Each patio is judged by the Town Hall, all vying for the prestigious title of Cordoba’s most beautiful patio and of course, the hefty cash prices. 

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Cordoba will be filled with more colourful plants this weekend as the patios festival enters its final stages.
Photo: Turismo Cordoba

Alongside the festival, there are a number of performances by celebrated singers and dancers. 

There are 52 patios taking part in the competition, alongside 12 not competing. 

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You can visit the patios for free from May 2-12 from 11am-2pm and 6pm-10pm. 

Follow this map to find your favourite and explore Cordoba along the way. 

Find out more about the competition on the official webpage, here

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