National Geographic selects Pompidou as one of the ‘must-see’ museums in Spain

THE brightly coloured Centre Pompidou, home to the Georges Pompidou National Centre of Art and Culture of France, located on Malaga’s Muelle 1, has been chosen by National Geographic as one of the ‘must-see’ museums in Spain.

The giant plexiglass outpost of Paris’s famous art gallery, which houses modern and contemporary art, has been included in the magazine’s recently compiled list of 22 must-see museums in Spain. 

The reality is that Spain is full of art and culture, in fact there are over a thousand museums scattered throughout the country, and the National Geographic have highlighted 22 of the country’s most ‘impressive’ museums, including Centre Pompidou.

“The Centre Pompidou is known for being one of the largest art museums in Europe… a prestigious Parisian centre that aims to show the public some of the most original and creative collections ever made,” the National Geographic stated.

The Centre Pompidou Malaga, shaped like a cubicle made up of dozens of different coloured glasses, houses an important collection of 20th and 21st century works divided into themes such as: metamorphosis, the body in pieces, the political body, self portraits and the man without a face—a museum designed to bring modern and contemporary art closer to all.

The Centre Pompidou Malaga opened its doors on March 28 2015, the Centre Pompidou’s first venue outside France.


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