NETTED: Bandidos biker gang that oversaw wholesale importation of drugs from the Costa del Sol to Denmark smashed

A MEMBER of the notorious ‘Bandidos’ biker gang has been arrested on suspicion of trafficking drugs from the Costa del Sol to Denmark.

The ringleader’s son and four other members of the Danish mafia gang were also ensnared in the raids, including at a property in Marbella.

From their base on the Malaga coast, the gang is reported to have smuggled nearly a tonne of hashish into Scandinavia.

During coordinated raids in both Spain and Denmark, law enforcement came across a significant stash, including €70,000 in cash, a gun, small quantities of narcotics, as well as various computer equipment and documents related to their criminal activities.

The investigation dates back to late 2022, when the Spanish National Police and their Danish counterparts teamed up to bring the gang down.

The probe determined that the operation was headquartered in Marbella and linked to the ‘Bandidos’, a notorious outlaw motorcycle gang with a worldwide membership. 

The leader financed the importation of hashish into Spain, and from there he arranged shipments to arrive in Copenhagen – thought to be at least 800 kilograms in total.

From there, his son took over the importation into the Danish capital where it was delivered into the hands of other trafficking networks.

They would then move the drugs around to the end dealers around the country.

Numerous Bandidos members have been convicted of criminal enterprises, including theft, extortion, prostitution, drug trafficking, and murder in various host nations. 

By all accounts, the life of the Bandidos member is full of motorcycle riding, crime, women, drugs, prisons, fights, and shootouts with competitors from other gangs

And, of course, all sorts of cruelty and lawlessness.


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