New arrival: British holidaymaker gives birth in police car on Spanish Island of Menorca

A BRITISH holidaymaker in Menorca gave birth in the back of a Guardia Civil patrol car after her waters unexpectedly broke.  

Officers helped deliver the unnamed woman’s healthy baby girl on the back seat of the patrol car as she was being rushed to Menorca’s state General Mateu Orfila Hospital.

Police sources said that the woman and her partner had been out for dinner in a restaurant when her waters broke on Monday, September 7.

A spokesperson for the Guardia Civil said: “On Monday afternoon a police patrol consisting of two officers, one of them a trainee, went to assist a pair of tourists on the Ses Salines residential estate.

Unified Association of Civil Guards’s twitteraccount acknowledging the news

“The couple raised the alarm after the woman went into labour around 8pm at a restaurant where they had been enjoying a meal.

 “A police patrol saw there was a crowd of people and went to investigate. 

“The officers realised her waters had broken and when the ambulance didn’t arrive they decided to take the pregnant tourist to hospital themselves.”

On the way, the contractions increased and a baby girl was born. When they arrived at the hospital’s emergencies, one of the officers announced that they had “a new passenger on board”.

The spokesperson confirmed that the woman gave birth in the back of the car as they rushed towards the hospital. The baby girl was airlifted later that evening to Son Espases hospital to have specialist care due to the birth being premature.

Another source added: “The baby’s fine. As she was born prematurely she’s in a neo-natal unit and that’s why she needed to be transferred to Son Espases in Mallorca.”


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