New Book Council compiles new Gibraltar author directory to showcase local writing talent

A NEW project to create an author directory in Gibraltar will showcase the best writing talent the Rock has to offer.

The Ministry of Culture set up the Gibraltar National Book Council (GNBC) earlier this month to promote local literature.

The author directory is one of a number of initiatives and projects to support the Rock’s authors on the quest for international recognition.

At a meeting on Tuesday the GNBC acquired its logo and made its first moves.

As a result, it called out to Gibraltarian authors so they could provide a biography of no more than 200 words and a photograph.

After standardising the biographies they will be put up on the new GNBC website to be launched later this year.

Plans are underway to organise a networking event for authors.

It will allow them to exchange ideas and provide feedback while reading some of their favourite books.

The Book Council members hope to deliver writing workshops in the future.

They will look at encouraging authors to put across Gibraltar’s cultural identity and heritage in their stories.

GNBC chiefs also hope to promote research into the Llanito language and even publish a collection of ‘Novellas’ by local authors.


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