New COVID-19 measures in Spain’s Malaga as province transitions back to less restrictive Alert Level 2

THE whole of Malaga has been given the green light to transition into the less restrictive Alert Level 2 and with it, the province sees an easing of COVID-19 measures.

The new measures will permit an increase in the maximum capacity allowed in the hospitality, commerce and culture sectors.

As of midnight today, the following restrictions apply in the whole of Malaga province:

Hospitality industry: The capacity sees an increase to 75% indoors (25% more than at Level 3) and up to six people will be able to sit at the same table (two more than before). Meanwhile, the outdoor terraces will continue to have 100% seating capacity with up to eight clients per table (previously only six). Customers can eat or drink at the bar area if outdoors, but keeping a distance of 1.5 metres

Shops: The authorised capacity has increased to 75% indoors, up from 60% at Level 3, with a distance of 1.5 metres between shoppers, while street markets are allowed 100% capacity.

Celebrations: For civil and religious ceremonies, 60% capacity is permitted, banquets may have 100% capacity outdoors, with a maximum of 400 people, eight per table and 75% capacity indoors with a maximum of 150 people, six per table.

Cinemas, theatres and circuses: 75% capacity is permitted inside the establishments, leaving a separate seating area and with the audience seated. Groups of a maximum of six people are permitted. In bullfighting shows, groups of up to six people are also allowed, with a capacity of 50% and a separate seating area.

Children’s activity centres: 40% capacity is permitted indoors and 50% outdoors, with groups of no more than 15 children. In playgrounds it is recommended that there should be one person for every four square metres and groups of up to 20 people.

Public transport: 100% seating capacity, 75% standing space capacity.

Sports facilities: The authorised capacity is 65% indoors, with up to 15 people, and 75% outdoors, with a maximum of 20 individuals. In both indoor and outdoor spaces, the separation between people must be 1.5 metres.

Wakes and funerals: 15 people can attend indoor services and 25 people outdoors.


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