New meaning to coca powder: Over a tonne of cocaine seized at Barcelona Port disguised as chocolate powder

Over a tonne of cocaine was discovered in the Port of Barcelona disguised in a shipment of cocoa powder.

The bust was made after the Guardia Civil received a tip-off about a criminal organisation that was smuggling cocaine into Spain through the port of the Catalan capital.

Further investigation revealed that a merchant ship carrying containers with the illicit substance was en route to Barcelona from Guayaquil in Ecuador. 

cocaine bust barcelona
Guardia Civil agents made a big bust of 1.3 tonnes of cocaine hidden among cocoa powder

The containers, which appeared to contain legal cocoa powder, were searched by the agents upon arrival and 1,340 kilograms of cocaine was found hidden inside. 

The investigation into the drug shipment is ongoing, and authorities are working to locate those responsible for sending and receiving the drug. 

The batch of class-A narcotics were hidden within four containers using a method whereby the container ship and crew transport the illicit cargo unwittingly.

Under this method, the consignment is unloaded at the port of destination and moved on without anyone being aware that they are party to drug trafficking.

Screenshot 2023 01 31 At 13.08.26
Tests verified that the substances discovered was, in fact, coke

The operation was carried out by members of the Guardia Civil’s Judicial Police Unit of Catalonia and the Barcelona Regional Operational Customs Surveillance Unit.

The Guardia Civil celebrated the quick action of the authorities to prevent a ‘significant amount of cocaine from entering the market, which would have had an economic impact and posed a threat to public health’.


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