New phone app being produced to help hikers hitting the hills of Spain’s Costa Blanca area

A new phone app is being developed to guide hikers around the natural beauty of Alicante province as well as providing extensive information about the area.

The idea comes from Alicante University researchers contributing to the province’s Digital Intelligence Centre.

The app will allow users to access real time details from anywhere in the world as well as during a walk.

It aims to promote a new kind of educational, sustainable, and environmentally friendly hiking in local hills and mountains providing background information on local heritage.

Projector co-ordinator, Manuel Benito Crespo, said: “We want to integrate and provide people with everything that has been collated by different research groups about routes that hikers may be on or to do some planning for a future walk.”

The details will be extensive with four sections covering birds in the area; plants and vegetation; geology; and remains of old settlements.

There will also look at the impact on each area from fires or other natural catastrophes.

The app will be divided into four sections taking in

“We want to promote a positive impact via the app so that society collaborates in all kinds of initiatives that contribute to improving the natural environment,” said Benito Crespo.

The app will also help in hiker safety as users will be geolocated at all times, so if there’s a problem or mishap that needs assistance, emergency service can pinpoint an exact location.

A launch date has yet to be announced.

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