New study: Women deemed safer drivers than men in Spain

Women are safer drivers than men, according to new Spanish data. 

Figures from Spain’s Directorate-General for Traffic (DGT) revealed 60% of women drivers have never received any type of traffic penalty, and for each female who dies in a road traffic accident, some three to four men lose their lives. 

In another study carried out by car maintenance group Midas in Spain as part of its #EllasConducen project, it was revealed that 83% of people believe that there is derogatory treatment towards women in the workplace within the automotive sector.

The project, which aims to promote the role of women in the automotive industry revealed the most common issues: a belief that women are reluctant to be promoted (33.3%), not listening to their opinions and suggestions (19.4%), the belief they are unable to complete physical tasks (18.7%) and assuming that they do not have correct or up-to-date knowledge (11.9%) made up the troubling statistics. 

The main reasons that stop a greater representation of women in this sector are the belief that they are less qualified (45.1%), the fear of feeling questioned or stigmatised for choosing a career traditionally seen as a male one (17.85%) and a ‘glass ceiling’ that is seen to prevent equal conditions in a masculine environment (12.85%).


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