New tourism laws in Spain: The rules you must obey from TODAY to avoid fines of up to €1,500

A MAJOR holiday destination in Spain has introduced new laws against ‘excessive tourism’ which will see rule breakers fined up to €1,500 each.

The measures were approved yesterday after repeated complaints from locals of rowdy Brits and other visitors drinking ‘excessively’, particularly during the summer season.

The new measures are being applied on the Balearic Islands, including Mallorca and Ibiza.

It comes after the Decree Against Excessive Tourism was amended and approved this week.

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Mallorca Magaluf
Magaluf, Mallorca, (Image Cordon Press)

The law is now called the Decree for Responsible Tourism and the Improvement of Tourist Areas.

Under the changes, it is now illegal for alcohol to be consumed in the street in particular areas, including in Palma de Mallorca, Calvia, Llucmajor and Sant Antoni de Ibiza.

Those caught breaking this rule will be fined between €500 and €1,500.

Meanwhile, boat parties can not be within one nautical mile (1.8km) of the areas included in the decree -even if they are just picking up or dropping off passengers.

Shops are also banned from selling alcohol between 9.30pm and 8am the next day. Any store that has alcohol on site must close entirely during these hours.

The new rules will remain in place until at least December 31, 2027.

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